The prices that you see on Coinmarket cap are created as an average from different markets. SBD is around 1.70$ on most of the markets except one, HITBTC where it's current price is 21$. That price on HITBTC is boosting the average. Go on Coinmarketcap's SBD page, click the Markets section and see the prices.


Thanks bro -- just saw that market button

Nahj, always the price in hitbtc is high 'cause for some reason hitbtc have the option to exchange with steem and steem dollar but i'ts not active, if there's the answer always the price must be high

But why the price on HITBTC is so high? And what it depends on?

Well, I am not sure, it's either a bug or they are trying a scheme/scam. Even if you try to sell SBD on the site, there are no people that would really buy your SBD for 21$ while there are sites where you can get 10+ times cheaper. I heard rumors that the site is pretty buggy and had issues in the past.

Later edit: Register is off for me, I think they don't even accept new users.
Coinmarketcap took off hitbtc from the markets section on SBD for the past 3-4 days, but now they are back. SBD was even at ~70$ on HITBTC yesterday.

HitBTC is well know for closing their wallets for maintenance. Every time they do, the prices of those coins skyrocket. As of a day or two ago, they closed SBD wallets for maintenance. They are becoming quite scammy, if you ask me. I'll never use them.

Thanks for the answer! It helped me understand,but yes, I am still confused☺

I am a little bit confuse too, that price it's not right, no sane person will buy SBD for that price. Someone is gaining something from that price.

As already mentioned, hitBTC is showing a high price for SBD. I hear that no one can move SBD to or from hitBTC and that is affecting the price, along with possible manipulation of the SBD price by hitBTC themselves. I would just watch the price on whatever exchange you use to sell SBD.

Bittrex, for example:
Currently $1.71

Cheers my friend! :)

Yes, that is the problem in hitbtc, but before the price was equal high and that did not affect the price in coinmarketcap

It's been a weeks it's been happening now and it's made some people loose a ton thinking SBD is mooning again, no idea really

I think we all wonder!