Top 10 Best Steemit Tools - for Beginners

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For you to improve your activities on steemit, you should be concerned with quality rather the quantity of what you post. Several tools are available to help you achieve this but you need to select them carefully. Below are the top 10 best steemit tools you can use. It has the highest number of features which makes it the most suitable tool. This is a tool with a calculator that helps you with the information on the current voting power which makes it easy for you to know the value of your vote.

Steem.Supply. It helps you to know the number of returns you are supposed to get and their official release time. It displays information on the sidebar that contains your account’s latest actions.

Steem.Cool. It helps you with the information regarding a steem account’s reputation, vested power, and voting power.

Steem Most Valuable Player. It provides useful information on the users that contributed to your account’s reputation. This increases the rate at which your account grows.

Steem Followers by makerwannabe. It gives information on the number of followers you gain every day.

Steem Dead Followers. You can use it to evaluate your followers to know how many of them are active. It helps you to identify the top whales on steemit. In order to acquire more whales, you can use to know when they are available so that you can post.

In conclusion, for your activities on steemit to be successful, you need to use tools that will give good results. The top 10 best steemit tools are;,, Steem.Supply,, Steem.Cool, Steem Most Valuable Player, Steem Followers by makerwannabe, Steem Dead Followers, and

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Thanks for this post. I am now a month here and I am learning every day​ something new. It would be nice if you could go for some tools more in depths or how you use it.

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