Good morning Steemit, buyig cheap bitcoin and Steem

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When markets crash I buy bitcoin 👍👍👍👍
I wanted to show you guys the video which made me the market crash so I seeked out permission from my boy Kamal so please expect many more videos from him posted on my channel in the near future as he is a definite go to for me when I need a update on the crypto market


Thats the spirit! I think there will be more room for savings at the end of the month!

yeah once the Chinese exchanges are out the way we will see the true price

This will be a good thing, China can no longer influance the market! Plus we can get in early for the next rebound. I hope it btc drops to under 2k so it gives a better shot at owning a few more!👍🔝👏

very interesting to watch! thank you @lykencrypto! never stop investing!))

Thank you brother

That's the spirit. Knowing when to buy when others are scared.

good morning friends, bitcoin down.

Help me vote

How do I do that

Upvote what?

I already upvoted your post on your page though it's not good to beg on steemit 👍

Wanted to ask you - did you get out of control-finance fraud or lost your money?

Yes I lost $7k, you win some you lose some but I learn from all situations 👍

Are you in the next one - BitConnect? 😉

Good move imho.

great content! and thanks again for following!

Steemit and Bitcoin along with Ripple is a good long term buy

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