blueprint wallet to steemit for beginners First 100 dollars

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Before we go into the discussion of the blueprint wallet to steemit for beginners
We better know the understanding of the blueprint before entering the steemit wallet.
yaa:) ... What BluePrint means by means of a detailed framework (architecture) as a basis for policy making which includes setting goals and objectives, formulating strategies, implementing programs and focusing activities and steps or implementation that must be implemented.

Okay, we already know the basic understanding of the blueprint ... now what's the connection with steemit ...?
Steemit is a social networking site and blogging on the blockchain Steem database. Blockchain Steem produces STEEM and Steem Dollars that can be used by token users to get posts, find, and comment on interesting content.

So simple is steemit is an income field while. The systematic blueprint for work steps that is directed to our writing is clear about the purpose and direction where it is made our writing is more and more interesting. The better our writing, the more people visit and the greater the chance to vote for our writing, the more income from our writing.

Here are the steps to design a blueprint to increase steemit wallets
1 Determine the written Vision Mission (must be considered carefully because this is a writing identity that can also be an inspiration and motivation for every steemit user later to achieve a desired vision)
2 Determine the purpose of writing (for example: Basically you want to make the writing for what it is then determine the direction of writing where it will be brought later. Is the writing only for short or long term)


3 Determine the action of the writing (step by step must be considered properly the first step that must be done so as not to get the wrong title)
4 Determine the description of the writing (Make it as simple as possible the sentence in describing your title and can be understood by a wide audience about what type of writing you are running)
5 Determine the target visitors and income (with Blueprint can determine how rare rare posts you should spend).
6 Listen to your referral link to other social media such as Facebook Twitter and others.


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