Is anybody as confused as I am?

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Hey guys,

I thought I would write a post to see if anyone is out there still?

Steemit seems to have gotten very quiet, and a little bit sad really. Once upon a time, it was the pinnacle of my life and everything I did would be in contribution to this fantastic platform.

All of a sudden, it feels like an abandoned town. Everyone has up and left, and by all means, I most certainly can't talk. I ran in to a few problems spring/summer time which meant I had to fix myself before I could share my posts with you all.
However, I came back, and was looking forward to talking to my friends and family here on Steemit again. Except for one problem... where are you all??

I am so happy to see #openmic ticking by, but I feel like 3/4 of my followers have disappeared and the general volume fo posts is decreasing.

It's sad because I always need a bit of motivation to keep my own posts going and I'm sure everybody agrees.

If we spread the word, we could make Steemit great again!!

I'm glad to see my friends @Krystle and @verbal-d are still posting away, but who else will join the party?


(I've stolen an image of an abandoned town off google images, as it represents how I'm feeling haha)


There has been quite a shake up in the past few weeks. People are coming and going all the time.

The only way to really keep in touch with everyone is through the Discord groups. Do you follow @meno? I know he is involved with #openmic.

His Discord group is @helpie. They are very active now.

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Yeah, it's rather sad.
I'm trying to come to grips with Discord, but I have to admit, it's not my forte. I find it quite confusing.
I am indeed friends with @meno on there and he has helped me with my music too, which is lovely! I will have a look at @helpie though because I've not yet heard of that one!

Meno is meno5416 on Discord. I am professorbromide4832. Send one or both of us a PM.

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Steemit has run of Steam to some extent, with all the crypto's values heading south this year I think some people have given up. I'm hopeful that Steem will gain its MoJo back as we approach 2019. :)

I think they've given up too, hopefully we can bring them back a little.
I remember when I just started over a year ago, and one of my very first posts made $0.01. I was absolutely over the moon, I couldn't believe it. People need that same mentality to keep pushing through!
Fingers crossed for 2019 :D

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