There is a New Bid-Bot in Town!

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To be honest I never thought that I would be posting so soon. In my last post I talked about delegating most of my Steem Power to a friends project. I ended up delegating 450SP to him. I would like to give my lovely readers something to read. I will probably be blogging about my experience with @megabot and my earnings and things that I would like to see from it in the future and just talk and promote about its growth.

You might be curious about why I just dipped about 90% of my Steem Power on a project that I caught wind of? For starters @megabot pays its delegaters 80% of its profits. But then there is a simple question that some may ask "The bot is so new, how are you sure it will do well?" I know for a fact that it will do well. I have total fate in this Bidbot rising along the more popular bidbots. I have this much faith in the bot because of the soul person that created the bot. He isn't just some money hungry guy, he actually cares about Steemit and the direction it takes. He cares about the minnows of Steemit. I know this for a fact because he would always support me when I asked. Most of the time I never had to ask!

Right now I am the second delegator to @megabot, Making @jackmiller the first delegator of 500SP (currently delegating out 4,168.909 Steem Power!!)  I hope there will be many more people to join in on delegating to the bot. The more people that delegate the more successful the bot will be and the higher vote rewards you will receive! It is a win/win in my books!

I want to see @megabot grow fast. So I will keep on posting here to earn some extra Steem Power to delegate out. I am not sure if I will make it into a weekly delegation or monthly delegation add ons I guess it all depends on how much I am able to earn in the week. I might also create a set about to reach and delegate out as I reach that goal. I plan on to put my earnings from the bot right back into the bot to keep my real estate high in the bot and help it grow as much as I can. 

Check out Megabots post here


Yeah buddy! It's an awesome bot you got that right 😁 and I think it's super sweet you went out of your way to talk about how the creator of it isn't money hungry 😉 to you, mega bot, the creator, the supporters, and me cause why not 😛 may it be a hell of a ride 💞

I have been reading alot about the pros and cons of bidbots, and i am little bit convinced about the prospects of megabot from your write up.

I will also like to know what advantages this bot have over the others.

Thank you.

There is definitely many pros and cons to many bid-bots, including this one obviously.
But Megabot is one of the best options for people that would like to invest their SP. If you have some SP to spare you can delegate to the bot and be put in its reward pool. it is a 80/20 split. 80% goes to the delegators and 20% goes back to the bot. Most of these bots are a 70/30 or even 60/40 splits. Making Megabot one of the best bots to invest in. Megabot gives its investors their payout every 20 hours.

If you don't have spare SP and just wish to use the bot I'd suggest using to figure out if you will come out on top!

Another bonus from this bot is that @rougebot owns and runs it. He is a minnow himself and he is all for the growth of every minnow (currently a PAL moderator). I believe just because he is under this bidbot it will lead to something so much more. I do believe he briefly thought about letting the bot have runners in the future and even making curation posts that he will look at posts that the bot upvoted, giving the user more recognition and reward.

I have taken note of that. Thank you for your careful explanation