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@luckyvotes has more than 26000 SP right now to upvote content. It is a huge increase from 7000 SP in approximately 30 days.

A little reminder about how it works - though if you used other upvote bots, the system will be familiar to you:

  • Luckyvotes upvotes in every 2.4 hours, ten times a day (this is one voting period).
  • Vote shares will be decided by​ the percentage of the amount you sent divided by the total amount sent in the actual voting period (2.4 hours). Eg. if you are the only one bidding in the given period, you will have a full upvote (100%), if there is a 0.1 SBD send and you sent 0.4 SBD, then you will receive a 80% upvote, etc.
  • To place a bid, just send your SBD or Steem as a transfer with URL in memo to @luckyvotes.
  • Minimum payment for votes is 0.1SBD.
  • Posts cannot be older than 6 days.
  • Voting for comments is also allowed.
  • The bot sends back invalid bids automatically.

You are able to see the progress of the voting cycle on the Bot Tracker page.


The Luckyvotes Team


All right! :-)

I understand all of it !I love ur service,u're great

Thanks a lot! :-)

the most useless bot. for 1 SBD got 20.41 % 0.82 $

big loss. sorry

Well, I am sorry for your loss, but as the bidding rules above say:

"Vote shares will be decided by​ the percentage of the amount you sent divided by the total amount sent in the actual voting period (2.4 hours). "

You have sent your bid in a round where the total amount sent was over 4 SBDs, whereas the total upvote value of the bot is around 4 SBD BEFORE curation. None of the bots have good payouts when the anount sent is higher than the upvote value.

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Terimakasih informasinya
Semoga sukses selalu

very good!I like it!

Thanks a lot!

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Wow greate article!
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I don’t quie understand it since I’m fairly new to Steemit but I have you an upvote

Thanks a lot and welcome to SteemIt! Hope you are going to enjoy your time here!

nice post

Tisko Bot
Send 0.200 STEEM/SBD and the URL in the memo to @tisko to use the bot for a resteem and to get 5 good upvots.

All right, thanks!

You got some unconditional puppy love and a 33.33% upvote from @puppybot courtesy of @ksolymosi!


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