LucianNagyToken(LNT) - launched and ready for everyone to participate and invest on my Tronscan page

in steemit •  22 days ago

Hi steemians,

Here we are. My token has been released from the "audit" process on my page from tronscan and it's ready for everyone who would like to "participate" and invest on LNToken.

Here's the link through which you can click on "participate" button and invest in my LNToken.

As i've mentioned before the releasing procedure, LucianNagyToken (LNT) will sustain my Music/Art and also other fellows from the Craft of Music/Art, and as well it will be a major asset to sustain my charity campaigns for Africa.

Your support will be much appreciated, so feel free and make the first steps and invest in LNToken

Also, as i've encouraged you all to invest in Antes through this link and earn your Tron from the dividents. You'll invest some Trx but it's worthing.

Happy investment in my LNtoken, steemians, tronians, cryptonians, eosians :-)


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