Everyone Got One! Check Your Steemit Account For Yours!

in steemit •  8 months ago

So, at https://steemitboard.com/welcome.html you should go type in your user name to see the cute little Easter / Spring time goodie badge you were temporarily given. Do you want to see mine? Of course it doesn’t matter how you answered that last question, because even if your answer was no, I will show you.
Drumroll please 🥁🥁🥁🥁🥁🥁


Cute right?
Well I am going to upvote the post where I learned of the little badges, because then you get to keep it forever, in your badge board. I also hadn’t seen that until today. I am slightly blingin’.

A round of applause for these users who are the creators of the whole steemit board badge thing.

Project Designer: @arcange
Web Designer: @techybear
Graphic Designer: @captaink

I love it!


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I like yours better. I have no idea what is mine? A pink shell turtle. lol

Apologies for the spam, just find the badges amusing. Anyways congrats on your badge!


It’s not spam, you are sharing your badges with us! Lol I am happy to see it. After a rough week, I am so glad to see something fun.

mmm Spring time goodie badges are ok, i guess.

Not as good as cleavage pics

Very wonderful and nice post really well done

hello @lorilikes good night where i can be nice to say hello to you, wow bad badge, and deserve it for you.
with your incredible activity in steemit with unique post and very outstanding your contribution.
and thumbs up from me @boile for the badges and charters you get.

Interesting, Off to check mine.
Err. not sure where the badge is though, but i got this:

It's not the little bird up there, is it? 🙈

wow fantastic badge, and you @ lorilikes deserve it and this is very suitable for your activity in steemit it is very remarkable your contribution to build steemit development.
and my aperesiasi @ adnan-mp create
Project Designer: @arcange
Web Designer: @techybear
Graphic Designer: @captaink

Umm... Interesting. I'll see mine right now. :D <3

wow @lorilikes, unique and pretty badge belongs to you, and appreciation of the power to
Project Designer: @arcange
Web Designer: @techybear
Graphic Designer: @captaink
and good night for @lorilikes and congratulations on activity or rest. from me @adnan-mp
good post and good

Wow I loved it too. Thats unique and awesome. Really round of applause to creators of this project. Great work. And thank you @lorilikes for sharing such wonderfull project with us.

I will give it a try. I cnt find in it my wallet yet.happy easter @lorilikes. May his death n resurrection brings you lasting peace.

hello @lorilikes congratulations you got the award given by @ steembord, and this award is worthy of your activities with you in steemit.
And many people praise you with your success both in the post and upvote fields.
hello halo @lorilikes announcement announcement got the award do not forget to give congratulations.

survived from @zainulm1993

Wow awesome post. When I visit your blog I got something new. Thanks

hi @lorilikes I'm sure your posts are so beautiful...that i will resteem your post... if you agree..?

A plust ...........
A round of applause for these users who are the creators of the whole steemit board badge thing.

Project Designer: @arcange
Web Designer: @techybear
Graphic Designer: @captaink


I also share this ping-colored Pipit bird with @lorilikes hahaha. I liked the little badge in the spring.
@lorilikes you are a dream woman, your husband is very lucky to have you .. I am also happy you smile happy, success continues

hello @lorilikes, best regards from @jidarr the beginner.
congratulations to say to you who have been awarded by Mr. @steembord to Dr. @lorilikes successful greetings from @jidarr.

this is really beautiful and original! these details captivate the hearts and cause smiles, I'll go for mine, thank you for sharing

wow. beautiful gift from steemitboard. you have got yours, but I think you should have got more than this one. I do not want to see mine, because I have done nothing yet for steemit. good Idea for posting this @lorilikes.

Oh I like your badge better than mine ;) Mine is not so elegant, lol!

you have archived the great details here n ice sharing

Hi @lorilikes I have same as yours..IMG_20180406_104324.jpg only the numbers are way way different..thanks