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Why we need Steemit for Addiction and Recovery (400 followers celebration!)

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We’ve been here writing on the platform and blockchain now since the early part of October. There has been a lot of ups and downs for us as a team here at Live Rehab. Incredibly, we’ve grown to over 400 followers in a short time who have graciously chosen to listen to what we have to say. During this time there has been an incredible explosion in Steemit and Crypto (although that one has been bubbling for longer I dare say) which we are so grateful for.

As I sit to write this post, I am humbled and excited for the ability to provide unfettered, unrestricted access to the information that people need to get sober and into recovery. For so many years the access to information has been held in so few hands. When we set about founding Live Rehab back in 2011 we never dreamed that we would get the chance to shape the lives of people in the way that we have been able to.

While the first success for Live Rehab came in the early days via our website and later Udemy courses, we think that the future of our success comes in the form of Steemit. Steemit provides the access point from which freedom of information flows. I’ve noticed recently the rows, arguments and finger pointing towards whales such as @haejin and @adsactly or from the fighting of @berniesanders to make things right. I think what’s been overlooked in all this is just how small minnows like ourselves are working towards building a better community.

Sure, the fight can be taken to the whales or other whales can attack other whales but if the emphasis was instead placed on building up smaller minnows into dolphins then the ecosystem would sort itself out by the sheer nature of things. I know I started this post about addiction and recovery and I plan to end with it. By building up smaller community funded initiatives like ours, we stand a better chance at not only fixing the reward system itself but actually healing the people around us. Our focus, regardless of what the whales do or do not do, will continue to be on building a world in which those who suffer from addiction can get the healing help they need.

We hope you’ll join us in helping us to forge ahead with a better world.

To your recovery, and the next 400 followers,

Live Rehab


I know the feeling I had 100 followers in 23 days and I was so proud, now maintaining it and learn more.
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