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When you have awesome friends visiting!

And this round, we have none other than @teamsteem, who has been travelling since Steem Fest 2

Courtesy of @bitrocker2020

And as usual with our #teammalaysia tradition, thanks to our super awesome planners @joannewong and @aaronleang we managed to present our foodie tradition influences haha.

Especially round 2 after meals!

@superoo7 is trying to be patient for his turn to dig in

Although @bitrocker2020 couldn't join due to family attention and I couldn't stay too long, I was very pleased with glee to see the reaction of my fellow fabulous fam digging into this famous durian restaurant that Joanne, Aaron and @zord189 love to hang out.

Not to mentioned that our dear friend survived the whole durian experience and ate more than 3 pieces!

In case you are wondering where it is, behold, the durian specialist!

Why would it be a confirmed specialist? Because you can see the anticipation of @redpalestino 's face.

Even @travelwithus actually starting to like the (more traditional sized) tiny but satisfying Malaysian king of fruits than the usual big commercial ones.

This was subsequently another meetup for lunch after @teamsteem visited @coingecko; which just so happened to be near where my day job is

Another #teammalaysia traditional habit that will always instill in the hearts of their visitors and friends is the "camera eat first" stunt

No one gets to eat the food until a picture is taken. 😂

Almost every posts after a team Malaysia meetup will always have photos with food taken.

By now, our "Malaysianised" expat extended family already knew the drill. 😂

Needless to say it is a great content for #steemit!

Even though I didn't get to chat much with Teamsteem (due to time strain) but it has been great fun spending some time to get to know him better, especially I didn't get to fly over to Steem Fest.

Hopefully there will be more opportunities in the future.

Off topic: @heart-to-heart I found 2 new awesome places for vegetarian food in KL! And this time it is at the suburbs that you missed out visiting.

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Great to see that you all had a good time hanging out together!

Yeah we had a good time. It's always fun to have friends from abroad visiting.

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