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Hopefully wait most advantage from new keyboard. What's name of brand it @liondani?
Finally hope speedy recovery.



Motospeed CK108 most speedy keyboard I saw from web before few minutes.
Best of luck to your new functions.

this one looks comfy... I like LED based mechanical keyboards too :D


Amazing post

Καλορίζικο! Φωτίζει ??? είναι φανταστικό !!! :))))))))

best of luck your new keyboard.

your keyboards is awesome sir..looks bright with background color..

wonderful keyboard sir

Looking nice... is this Mechanic keyboard?

I have to get one soon as well ;)

They are not in a very good condition ;)

Smosh was always the best when it was just Anthony and Ian. Now the new smosh sucks, only making the very something ever. As TwentyOne Pilots once said We wish we can turn back time to the good old days

Great keyboard bro

Looks awesome, I am a gadget freak have been since a little boy, enjoy your new toy, lol :-)

NIce and good-looking

Hope your keyboard 🎹 functions effectively @liondani

I studied steemit grow up..first collect ste emitcoin and convert sbd coin.. again again buy vote use Samarth, minnowbooster ...I resteemed.. thanks help..god help families

Looking more powerful strength indeed keyboard.
You can go higher with typing function.

I definitely need to get one of them how much was it bro

Ωραίο! Με γεια! Εμένα το ι και το τ άρχισαν να κάνουν βόλτες όποτε βαριούνται 🤣

great picture 📷😎😇👻

very beautiful keyboard dear

cool!! 💖 I invite you to visit my profile. #GrrrKiss LOLI-POP

Colorful and stronger keyboard bought. Awesome.

I love this keyboard . the lighting of this keyboard is extraordinary.
when I play games in night I use my lightening of the keyboard.
it looks awesome in a dark room and I enjoy this light my friend.

Haha, nice keyboard! 😀😎👍

so shinny and looks confortable! goodjob !

Wow very nice your keyboard. Enjoy this. Regards

i glad for u dude nice keyboard

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