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RE: To vote yourself up, or not to vote yourself up, that's the question.

in #steemit3 years ago

So long as you are spreading the votes and not just voting for yourself is see nothing wrong with voting for your own posts. After all it takes a lot of time and effort or investment to get to the point where your own vote counts for much. I rarely do more than one post a day so I feel like this is fair.

I usually don't vote for my own comment unless someone else votes for it first. (Unless I feel like it really adds value to the conversation)

There is a lot of luck involved with how well a post does and it doesn't seem to correlate too well with the level of effort that I've put into it. I figure it is kind of a nice benefit to be able to vote my own post up and get something at least.

Let's say hypothetically that the price of Steem went into three figures. Would it feel right for me then to vote my own content up? ... :D (I can't even answer my own question, lol)

If someone is really acting in a way that is not community minded I think that they don't tend to do too well in the long run and can start attracting flags, so in a way this tends to work out imo.


@lightsplasher, I agree with your statement: (Unless I feel like it really adds value to the conversation)

The hard part is that most people, including myself, believe that our content provide more value than what it actually does. We tend to look on ourselves more favorably than others.

I completely agree, but since upvoting is so subjective it is hard to guarantee that upvotes actually go to the post that provide the most value.

We can sometimes be our own worst critic of the things that we produce. I get this way about my art at times. I also used to constantly pick at my writing to the point where I didn't feel like posting anything. Perhaps that is why I only infrequently post. At least voting for myself occasionally has to a degree increased my fun factor around all of this.

It is difficult to know what benefit your votes are having. Posts that are well written provide value but other posts do too. There are so many levels of abilities and life situations that people are in and some intangible benefits for voting for content that others many not find first rate. If we all just voted for the very best, of the best, of the best, I don't think we would build much of a community. :D

I think you kind of have to follow your heart on some of this stuff and do what you feel is right.