Worth of a soul (Why Steemit and not Facebook – and Happy Easter to all)

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Have you ever wondered about the worth of your soul? Would you sell it for $200 payable during 13 years? Maybe you already did! Western “Civilization” has made all the tools necessary to asses and monetize the worth of a soul connected to the “social network”…

You think it’s impossible? Many people thought it’s not possible to measure a weight of smoke. They probably didn’t hear a story of Sir Walter Raleigh:

Weight of Smoke

It’s a story you can hear in a wonderfull movie “The Smoke” (1995). Raleigh was the person who introduced tobacco in England, during the times of Elizabeth the First. And since he was a, a favorite of the queen’s… Queen Bessy he used to call her… smoking caught on as a fashion in court. I'm sure old, old Bess must've shared a stogie or two with Sir Walter. Once he made a bet with her, that he could measure the weight of smoke.

I admit, it’s strange. It’s almost like weighing someone’s soul. But Sir Walter was a clever guy. First he took an unsmoked cigar, put it on a balance and weighed it. Then he lit up. He smoked the cigar, carefully tapping the ashes into the balance pan. When he was finished, he put the butt into the pan along with the ashes, and weighed what was there. Then he subtracted that number from the original weight of the unsmoked cigar. The difference was the weight of the smoke. And now, let’s see how Facebook does it with souls…

Worth of a Soul (Facebook example)

Let’s see now how we can find a worth of a soul actively connected to Facebook. Worth of that company is direct sum of all it’s users. Simple Google search with the phrase “worth of facebook”, today, on Easter Holiday 2017, will give you result of $400 billion. Now, let’s see a number of active users in the last month. It’s almost 2 billions people. If you missed by any chance, Facebook is selling your data to the megacorporations, which means that every active soul (since the inception of FB in 2004) is worth about $200 on average to the stockholders, which makes Mark Zukerberg (FB co-founder) sixth on the Forbes list of the richest. Instead of giving that money to “poor Mark”, you can now keep it for yourself with Steemit.

I often hear dismissive phrase: “Oh, come on, $200 in 13 years is nothing!” Maybe. But when you know that those $200 is used for stealing personal data, developing global surveillance, stirring “colored revolutions” and breaking wars all over the World, than it’s by far too much. All of us can change the World that came to the brink of Global War, if we stop feeding the beast! Because, it’s not just Facebook. You are also “feeding” with your precious Soul to YouTube, Google, Twitter, WhatsApp, Instagram… see everyone who asks for your detailed data for connection!

Do not sell your soul to the dark side. Measure your own value here on Steemit.

Happy Easter to you all!



Very nice appeal, great analogy, excellent illustration (the weight of smoke.)

Thank you! :)



Thank you very much dear @creatr for reading this text. I think it need to be seen

nice post. Agreed.

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