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RE: Steemit Newbie FAQ: How Can I Mine Steem And What CPU / GPU Power Do I Need For That?

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"What Machine Do I Need For Maintaining A Witness?"

With the price of entry currently around 200k, apparently you need a time machine.


Thank you @lig007. Best one liner I've seen in a long time!

The best comment so far! Upsteemed full power :)

A time machine hahahahahha. Steem is so damn feudal, if only I had heard about it earlier and mined it, would have so much STEEM power.

Oh well, will have to keep an eye out for new crypto's with potential. @dragosroua what resources are out there to have an eye out on CPU/GPU mining coins which have just been ICO'd?

To be honest, I don't follow them very close. I'm subscribed to a few FB groups (Romanian content, though) and I check a new coin every once in a while, if I see it there. Going with the flow, so to speak.

Think its time for me to research all new ICO's then :P

Just stumbled on this thread, it's not new but #gridcoin is a CPU/GPU mineable coin and always will be

New "Community Tokens" that could be built on the Steemit blockchain should be developed as "ground-level" opportunities for maintaining a witness within the respective community token environment.

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