Steemit for Dummies, vol. 2: How to get your Steem Dollars off Steemit | YouTube

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The question I get asked the most my new Steemians is how to get your money off of Steemit and turn it into another kind of cryptocurrency or actual fiat US dollars. This video walks you through the entire process using Blocktrades and Coinbase, but the same instructions would work to transfer to other exchanges as well.

You might want to bookmark this video for future reference because you want to get the process right so that you don't lose any crypto that you are trying to send.

Thank you for following, upvoting and resteeming.

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This helped me get on and now I own 3.10 in crypto, so cool! Thanks Nathan!

Thank you Nathan - that was helpful. I don't even have coinbase or anything similar!

Nathan, I am trying to build my Steemit channel. I am having so many problems trying to figure out to embed YouTube videos, centering pictures, etc. I read the Markdown guide but I don’t understand the language. Can you do a video on that? Just a few single actions. I appreciate you inviting people to discord for help, but I don’t have the time.

Thanks. Bookmarked, and hopefully I'll have reason to put it into practice one day :)
I like these short to the point tutorials.