Jake Morphonios Joins Steemit | @morphonios

in steemit •  9 months ago

The ongoing purge of alt-media voices from YouTube and social media is driving more and more talent over to this platform and DTube. I'm personally excited about the newest minnow in the pond, Jake Morphonios (@morphonios), of Blackstone Intelligence Network so would like to do everything I can to give him a jumpstart. I think he set the standard on YouTube with his coverage of the Las Vegas shootings and I'm looking forward to seeing his work on this platform where we don't have to worry about the YouTube Stasi.

Please follow @morphonios and remember to upvote and resteem all of your favorite content creators. We're relying on your support more than ever.

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I gladly welcome him @morphonios to steemit. I cant wait to see his post

Damn! I want one of those "russian bot" tshirts :D

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Glad to see him come aboard. His work will do well here unlike censor jew tube on jewgle

My friend, Alexandra Bruce, of the excellent ForbiddenKnowledgeTV has tipped her audience and followers off to Jake's move to Steemit. Thanks, Alexandra!

great to see you here Jake! I wish you all the best, greets from Slovenia

Amen and amen. UNBELIEVABLE whats happening right now on...hell I won't even say the name! It's an all out assault on the 1st amendment! Very very scary times we live in folks! Let's all make sure we not only help Jake out but all the other truth speakers and seekers we can!