Steemit Journey: Wow, I've Almost Reached a Milestone of 500 Followers! 😏 💗

in steemit •  last year 

Hi Everyone!


I just want to share about how my journey on Steemit has been amazing so far!
It truly amazes me how many incredibly talented people there are in the Steemit community and how many people have chosen to follow what I also share!

While to some 500 followers may not be a huge thing, to me it is very special because I appreciate the individuals who I've made friends with and those who are so supportive 😏

Thank you for being a part of my Steemit journey so far!!!

Cheers to many more Steemit adventures!
Sarah Nicole ❤

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Congrats on your milestone! In these dark times on steemit we need to take every bit of joy out of it lol! Keep on steeming, you’re doing great I’m sure there will be more milestones to hit soon! 500SP and 60 Rep isn’t far off for you! 😋

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Thank you for the encouragement!
Steemit may not be in the best of times at the moment, but it has still been great to be a part of the community here because of so many positive things it has to offer! 😏

The way I see it we’re the lucky ones and hopefully our faith will be rewarded! These low prices are great for the small accounts like us, we can accumulate some decent SP and infleunce cut through all the clutter and make some real connections with real OG steemians! I’m enjoying it far more than any other social media platform intact I’ve abandoned most of them! I’m having way too much fun here 😬💯

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Those are some good points you make!
And I'm enjoying it here too because I feel as though it really helps my creativity!

Way to go, Sarah 💪🏻 Who wouldn’t want to follow you! 😀

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Thanks, Ken!
I always appreciate all of your encouragement! 😏

Congrats! You know it's better to have a real 500 fans instead of 10000 fake ones! Hope you'll get more than this ☺

Very true, I agree!
I hope the same for you too!