🙌 Entrepreneurs Motivation of the Day! 💪 Embrace Challenges

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I couldn’t agree with this more, face your fears and grow! Keep trying against all odds.

I have been hustling my whole life, and have grown these past 20 years of my career beyond measure. Very thankful for all I have and everyone I have in my life. 🙌

Don’t let fear hold you back!


I used to let fear hold me back, but once I started facing it headon and embracing the experience I started to get rewarded my more than I could imagine. I started to earn more respect from my peers, and clients.


It all started one day when I disagreed with the leadership team of a past employer. The meeting was very slanted, I even heard an old director mention “of the employees don’t like it they can quit.” - I stood up to the team, fought long and hard for my team in regards to boosting their salaries and getting them fairer compensation for their amazing efforts, I not only earned the respect of the executives but I also became an executive in that moment.


I started to stand up for my beliefs and voice my concern when a company or client was heading in the wrong direction. Especially when the livelihoods of Employees were at stake. None of us are guaranteed tomorrow yet we fear of losing tomorrow...


Always have a strong moral company, do your best and give your best to your companies, clients and employees. If you’re always giving your best, you will never have regret. Always tactfully express your opionions and concerns, after all that’s why employers hire you in the first place: “to be the subject matter expert” LEAD.

Rant over lol - just want to give you all some motivation for the day.

You are in control of how much you earn and where you go in life. Own the challenges, embrace and learn from your fears.