Dishonesty on Steemit: what are the solutions?

in steemit •  last year

This post isn't an expertise of anything but relates an experience I just had today and should concern all content creators on Steemit.

I just wanted to make this post in reaction to a french compatriot's post that sounded odd. I followed a few weeks mainly because he was french too and already saw that he posted like 15 pictures everyday from all around the globe and some with completely different styles.
What happened today is that he pretended posting a picture from Brittany, a geographical region of France, and I automatically reacted saying that I knew it wasn't there because I have been in Brittany myself multiple times. He reacted quite aggressively and I knew that he was actually scamming the community by posting pictures he didn't even where they were taken from.
I won't involve him or her in the talk as I don't want to get any issues here on Steemit, but I want to ask a question to all the users: is there any way to regulate that kind of behavior on Steemit, and do you have any ideas on the subject?

Of course I know it is possible to flag a post, which is what I did but I know this particular one is going to continue his little scam.

The fundamental issue here is that a majority of people on Steemit are here to create good content, express themselves or follow inspiring people. But on the other side multiple accounts are obviously scams and continue working. The experience I had with this other french account showed me that even though he was posting low quality content, he was growing rally fast in reputation which is quite odd.

So again, If you have any solutions about that or ideas, I would definitely be interested in knowing it. It is very frustrating to see that kind of accounts growing that fast on Steemit while you put at least an hour for each one of your posts and try to post daily.
I know it was a hot reaction but it would be great if we could buold something constructive here.


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I have noticed that actually a lot of people create blogs without actually having been there themselves. This is why I started doing travel post about places I've actually been to in the hope to create a sincere following and help those who are looking for honest posts and where they can ask questions if they are tempted to go themselves after reading my posts. Keep it up. I'm in your corner, only honest writers. It's not difficult to write a piece, but you have to take the time to sit down and make them.


I completely agree and do the same with travel posts. It is surely easier to write about our travel experiences but it remains sincere which is good enough.
Keep it up ;)

There are plenty of cheats around here, but they tend to get found out. The Cheetah bot and others spot where content has been copied. I saw one of the MSP team is working on blacklisting those who are not doing good posts. Was this guy making much?


Ok thanks, I will look into that :-) . He was posting pictures which most likely weren't his. He posted a picture supposedly from Brittany, France, which is my country, so I knew there was a problem at this moment. It looks like a circle because small bloggers follow to be followed as it happens with this one. A lot of followers in a week which is just unfair for people putting time in their posts.

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