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How to invest!

  1. Register on with the same username as Steem
  2. Check the exchange value here:
  3. Send to @leviarcoin Steem account the amount of SBD you want to invest (about 1000 SDB -> 1 BTC -> 2,857 XLC)
  4. Comment here to get your XLC (you will also receive 100 XLC bonus when making first investment) :)
  5. We answer back periodically when we update balances
  • Just want to help spreading word? Thank you!
  • If you want you can generate a BTC or ETH address and invest in BTC/ETH

Visual walktrough

  1. Go to your account and press Wallet
  2. Click on your Steem Dollars balance
  3. Click on Transfer and insert leviarcoin in "To" field
  4. Choose the amount you want to send

More informations


ICO Platform preview

Thank you for investing!


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