How Do You See the Edit History of a Steemit Post?

in steemit •  2 years ago

I noticed that we are allowed to edit our posts. Since this is on a blockchain, is there a way to see how a post has been edited over time? Facebook allows this by clicked the "Edited" link, which shows all previous versions of a post. Currently, there is no way to delete posts, but if there is a way to edit, it seems almost as good as deleting, as you could just delete all the text in the post leaving an empty post. Correct? Edited

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You can view all of your blockchain data here:

So if you edit a post, it shows up there. And if you want to see the edit history of any user, simply search their username on steemd (e.g.


OK, that's close. It does show that I edited this post twice, but it still doesn't seem to show the 2 versions of this post:

You can't do this with either the Steemit or UIs. The data sits in the blockchain, and it would be interesting to see revision histories I suppose, like Wikipedia. I have mixed feelings though, as I think posts should be displayed as a user wants them to be, and it shouldn't be easy for anyone to see how they didn't want them to be.

There is a way! Scroll down to your votes, and you will see a button that says reply. Right next to that is edit! Have fun!


I know there's a way to edit, but is there a way to see the history of my edits? In other words, if I edit this post 10 times, could I see the 10 different versions of this post? It doesn't seem so.


yes, every edit shows up in your history on

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I don't know if it is possible with available tools right now. But I think it can be retrieved from blockchain. As I am fiddling around and getting app ready I think it would be great feature to see different revisions of the post, I will consider and put it in to do list!

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I know this is an old post but it is the first search result so I wanted to add this tool here which shows edit history of a post:

Updated info for people coming from internet searches:
There doesn't appear to be an easy way to do this, despite blockchain 'transparency'.

Best I found is

So change steemit to steemdb, doesn't seem to work all the time unfortunately