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RE: Just This Simple Tweak To Steemit And It Will Become Instant Haven For Steemit Users!

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I must admit that It may be good to end the post with a one paragraph summary, like:

Take-home message (or summary)


This would possibly make the post clearer :)


Yep at @lemouth I was so exhausted when I was writing that, my formatting wasn't good but I didn't want to end the day without posting it cos I have this serious insomnia and for 5 months I hvnt had real sleep. I was doing 2 posts and was up all night. I hv in mind to edit later tho. But I left something in the comment you will understand it better. The summary is this: comments are so important and I have seen you highlight that several times. Too, I have seen you highlight how sometimes you struggle to catch up as steemit has constant info and some of the terms are hard to grasp. Now though, you will notice that the comment section, may have a wealth of information and many times things are explained in more layman terms as the comments afford to and fro conversation and who knows some may have posed the exact question on your mind and different people with different methods of explaining have tried to that. All these amazing things happen in the comment section but many times, the comment section dies with the post just cos the post didn't get enough visibility and this wealth of information stays hidden almost forever as after a period other posts appear and our post get buried. Now too, sometimes even a post that is short or not elaborate can have like 50 comments underneath it that are valuable info. Why do these comments have to go to waste. So the aim is to #savethecomments! Imagine you can brand your comments or replies with a hashtag for instance and you are fond of making comments and now let us assume that each of your comment forms a post in the hashtag you use, with time it will form its own category so that people can see it. Now look at this, I spoke a bit with @mindhunter in the comment section on one of my post and playfully he mentioned #steemfest2 as his hopes it takes place in Mexico. Now if was a visitor and saw this hashtag and I feel I may want to know more about steemfest2, thus I clicked on the clickable hashtag I see, now it definitely loads up and you get on a new page categorized steemfest2 but it is all empty. I am saying that it will be helpful if that functionality is created or at the very least, a way to promote comments so that they aren't lost with a post that didn't make much visibility cos in that way, the wealth of valuable information in comments is lost forever

I 100% agree :) I hope you will manage to get some good sleep soon enough!