The first Britons were black and they had blue eyes

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The man from Cheddar was a Mesolithic hunter, a completely modern man. He had a dark complexion and blue eyes, "said British scientists based on the DNA skeleton research of a human who lived more than 10,000 years ago!
The scientists of the London Museum of Natural History have analyzed the DNA record from almost the entire skeleton t. i. a man from Cheddar who was found in a cave in the southwest of England in 1903

So far, we have always assumed that when they came to Europe about 45,000 years ago, people quickly adapted and developed a light complexion, "said one of the researchers at the Tom Booth project." A lighter complexion is better for absorbing UV light and helping people lose vitamin D in areas where there is less sunshine, "he explained.
But research on the genetic material of a husband from Cheddar has shown that pigmentation markers have skin-like markers similar to those of people in sub-Saharan Africa, Booth said.

The man from Cheddar thus more than obviously exposes the expectations of what genetic features go along. "Obviously, brighter eyes came to Europe much earlier than bright skin or bright hair. They appeared only after the start of farming," said Booth.
(Cheddar Man replica bones, Gough's Cave)

But this is more than obvious to us that we can not foresee how people have been seen in the past, according to what they are seeing in the present, "added the English scientist.

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