Weekly Free Upvote Round 2

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Weekly Free Upvote for all

The First round of free weekly upvote was accomplish with @mrbong, @rentmoney, @btcsam, @arsland, @anupbose

If you want free upvote for your post weekly it's simple to get it. You can get free weekly upvote every round by reply your steem name in this free upvote call round.

If you would like to get lifetime weekly upvote, send 1 steem or 1 sbd with ''free weekly upvote legend" memo.

This is simple upvoting system. Everyone can join here.
First, you need to follow @legendaryjone and reply this post with your steem name and ''free upvote legendary''.
After reply 7days i will upvote your post on that day.

#free upvote

Authors get paid when people like you upvote their post.
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''free upvote legendary''

Thanks !

Thanks @rentmoney next 7 days you will get 100% upvote for your post.