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The American Dream

Many of us are dreamers or were dreamers. As kids, we looked at the stars in wonder—perhaps, we believed that one day we would make our own footprints upon the moon's surface. Or in the prime heat of summer, we were the kids selling a glass of lemonade for a quarter on the lawn we called our kingdom. Even then, we had an urging within to attain independence, to make money our own way, to use the money we received as we saw fit. We were budding entrepreneurs. Our positivity could not be dimmed.

The Grim Reaper of Innocence

Then we grew up. Oh, how the woes of life can break the child-like spirit within us! We shouldered our first mockeries from a child who only found worth in himself—his aim, to bring others down. We received "advice" from adults saying we could not achieve what we set our sights upon because of our youth. We discovered we had to struggle daily in order to barely make ends meet. Dreams lost their footholds in our lives. We shoved them into the darkest corner of our storage closets, hoping one day....

Land Flowing with Milk and Honey

Summer 2016: I was told of a promised land Steemit. Every writer wants to hear, "You can make money by blogging!" So I joined Steemit, thinking I would perhaps make a couple of hundred dollars to help fund my author expenses. I blogged erratically. Even without a routine, the numbers of my profit were going up.

Seeing Is Believing

A week before this past Christmas, I received a message from a fellow Steemian saying that day was the day to cash out if that was my wish. Christmas bonus! I went on an adventure of learning how to exchange my steem power to lite coins, then lite coins to Canadian currency.

I started hyperventilating when I saw a whopping number of $3023 in my account. All those hours of was worth something!

A Thankful Heart

Going through this experience has taught me hard work does pay off. It's also reminded me that I need to blog regularly. I can't imagine what the number could have been if I had!

This money can pay for the editing and cover photography my next book requires. It's also going toward a new computer since the one I'm using is on the fritz. The money I've made is enough to fund my dream of being a published author!

Steemit Can Be Your Answer

Whatever your dreams, your ambitions, your destiny, don't let the hardships of life pull you down. Don't let them make you say goodbye to your dreams forever! You can start a blog on Steemit and make money to help fund or fully fund where you want to go in life.

Steemit is a rich community of gracious people who are approachable, helpful, and supportive. Make it your blogging home and reap the rewards!


This is so great :) Steemit really is changing lives. Thank for your sharing your story, @leahlindeman.

Going through this experience has taught me hard work does pay off. It's also reminded me that I need to blog regularly. I can't imagine what the number could have been if I had!

This is definitely very true. Steemit's rewards are cumulative for those of us who are patient and consistent.

Many blessings to you.

@joshpeterson I hope those who've read this post outside Steemit will realize what a great platform it is.

This is awesome! So cool to hear about Steemit being a means by which people are able to live their dreams.

What dreams is Steemit helping you pursue @yumyumseth?

steem is probably the only plateform where authors are getting reward for quality content. steem all the way. say hello to the future

I've only been on for a month but it's inspirational how many lives I've read about being changed. One guy started his own plantation....another helping HIV positive kids in india. Seriously amazing. I hope it continues at the pace it's been going. :)

Wow! Those are some amazing stories @jfolkmann!

I love it. It's a ringing endorsement for the way the platform can make real changes in a person's life. Great work.

It's a beautiful game still hoping for mine well it's little by little join 8days ago...happy for you from @kingklauz

Just keep at it @kingklauz! So happy you've joined:)

Very first post here and I am feeling the positivity on the platform already. I hope steemit will be my answer

Welcome to Steemit @fryo!

interesting post and to read ur story with steamit.

I'm so happy for you Leah!

Thank you so much for sharing this @leahlindeman !! Great post and it goes to show that persistence and effort pays off.

Upvoted. Followed. And I look forward to reading your future content!

Thank you for blogging about dreams that can come true! Your post is an inspiration to me (and others) dreaming of a big audience for my texts. I love writing and I was blogging on Wordpress for some years, but had only a handful of readers. Lot of work. And I lost motivation. With Steemit I have found a new spirit! And - if I’m patient and work hard and structured, maybe I’ll earn some money to cover my costs.

Same here. I started off with Wordpress. I still have a following on that platform; so I link all my blog posts on Steemit to my blog on my website. That way I've covered all grounds.

Keep your fervour high! Wishing you all the best!

Lost flair for writing just came to life with Steemit.
I think Steemit daily, I wake up to my Steemit account daily and I pray for the Steem blockchain.

Just remember @mickyscofield not to neglect all the other beautiful aspects of life:) Steemit is a blessing to be sure; however, there are other blessings such as family, friends, health, and so much more. I'm so glad you've been inspired to write more being a part of this platform:) Writing is so therapeutic.

It's been a month since I first came to this platform and I keep hearing about how it can change the lives of people. I believe it is happening to me too and I'm so happy that it did for you. Good luck in the future and keep steeming on!

Best wishes to you @ peterkkim96!

Best wishes to you too!

lovely post steemit is truly a dream to reality for me because it's always great to wake up and make new money on steemit , truly change my prospect on wealth

Definitely! I thought it was the perfect content to start with for the new year.

Well done Leah, to answer your "what if" I dove in headlong in summer 2016, after reading a post in a Facebook writer's group calling steemit a scam. After looking at it, I thought, what have I got to lose? So, I spent the summer developing new fiction, and over the course of the year, between my steem dollars, and the steem I cashed out, I took over $60k off of steemit. So, my advice is keep it up. Right now is a great time to get started. The price of steem is up, so payouts are high. I'm making several hundred USD daily on average. Glad you're here! Keep it up!

Wow! What a financial blessing! Thanks for the encouragement @markrmorrisjr!

Steemit is the answer without a doubt. This platform is extremely powerful and it is only getting warmed up! Let's all rise together to make it the best place to be on the web :)


I was introduced to steem only just a few days ago and this is what I can say so far: It is mysterious, futuristic and very exciting!

very interesting story