One Million Steemit Accounts

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Happy One Million Steem Accounts Everyone!

Steemit is celebrating it's 1 ,000,000 Accounts.

Steemit 1M.jpg

Steemit is the best social media platform! Why?

Because you will earn while posting.
We all love to post and share with the world our experiences on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and other social media platforms, we all know that billions of people are using social media to connect with friends around the world. The best thing with Steemit is you can share your experiences, write blogs and share photos and EARN at the same time! Every like or upvote and comment will earn you Steem Dollars(which you can of course exchange to US Dollars). Isn't that a great way of socializing in social media? Earning while posting!

Make new friends from around the world!
Unlike other social media platform wherein your friends are mostly people who are around your circle or your friends from school or from work or of course some may be your relatives, here on Steemit you'll meet new friends from different countries whom you personally haven't met yet and you'll develop a bond with them, learn new things and share ideas. You'll also get inspired and be an inspiration to them just by commenting and sharing your posts! Many Steemians will help you grow in the community. You'll be touched by how friendship grows in a community like Steemit, you'll feel the genuine friendship and love from fellow Steemians! Some of my Steemit friends are also y friends now in Facebook, Instagram and Twitter! :) ♥

You'll also earn while joining contests
You can join different contests here on the platform wherein you can earn Steem Dollars from your posts itself and if you win of course! There are different competitions like photo contests, writing contests such as short story, haiku, poetry or blog writing contests, singing competitions, songwriting competitions, art contests and a lot more. These competitions will help you hone your craft.

Steemit is a venue for talented individuals who share their talents with other Steemians to grow as a person. You can become the best version of yourself if you join the platform. You can also participate in group activities and share your talent with other Steemians and also benefit from the assistance of other Steemians(Whales and Dolphins).

Thank you very much @aggroed for this awesome contest and for always helping Steemians grow in the platform. You're a blessing to us!☺♥



Wow! 1 million Steem accounts!!! It sounds promising. I hope within 2 years, the market cap of Steem will reach the 10 billion USD! So that would be about $40 per Steem! :)

Crossing my fingers and hoping that too @gcryptotrader! :) We should HODL then! ;)

I'm HODLing and BUYing the dip! ;)

Glad to know you're grabbing the opportunity! ;)

this is a huge milestone for steemit and all steemians. What an awesome growth in the community! Cheers and kudos for all who contribute in one way or another!

Truly this is! Job well done to all of us @dali.soh! :)

We need to find out who's bringing the pizza and booze... ;)

I'd love that! :)

Its a huge milstone. This platform would be in top if crypto trading will not ban.

Let's hope for the best! Steemit will surely grow bigger in the coming years! :)

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