Steem reports Tools is being used by folks for detection

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Steem reports is a great tool for Making analyst about whats going on and what going in or out ?
O yeah There are lot of benefits of using this tool But some witness are using it to analyst and to keep an eye on steem users what are they doing and why they are doing .
For example= if you are self clicking you may get into risk clicking unhealthy articles and non value able products for the sake of profit is prohibit .
There are lot of option we can use them to check out the what is situation is happening ?
1 Steem power delegation and delegation info.
2 daily upvote outgoing and incoming graph.
3 Currency outgoing and incoming graph.
4 WItness voting and voting reports.

Have a look this graph which is showing the person has done 82 upvote a day to multiple ids..

And this graph is showing how a person incoming and outgoing votes circulations is going on . We can say it is a detective tool but some folks are using it for negative purpose like we saw some people has made flagging community we have to take care about your graph because if you have gotten Sp on lease from @freedom you must be under watch from these folks .
Some of friend also got flagged from @randowhale mafia . At first this mafia was busy in selling upvote and using their sp leased from @freedom. And after the accident happen @freedom has undelegate Most whales like @minnowbooster @randowhale and their bussines stopped now ,They have very extra time to moniter those people who got delegation from @freedom Some think you can say jalouse people may Attack you any time , No one there to stop them but we can say if you write good they should not have any reason to flag you .So the guys who got delegation are under High moniter be careful from these guys They always try to find some stupid reason to flag you Even they were also a seller of votes and earn so much from @freedom power ..

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Great information..... thanx for sharing us @lays.

what is the website link to check this information brother this is really nice information to check the status ?could you please share the link of the site

Hahaha having a feeling like you'll get down vote too for this post :D

I had heard about it before, but I didn't know there was so many ways to use it. I'll take a look around. Thank you for sharing

Nice post @lays. We should use steem tools positively to avoid abuse.

@munawar1235 sir are you member

Thanks for sharing this great information with us.
Now I know why randowhale is done and I'm getting to understand this a bit better.

I have paid for an upvote and have not received any upvote it has been over 2 hours now

Hi dude kindly mention about link where we check properly about your info this si so much nice well good information hope steemit friends get some good knowledge about self vote . if you hafe rent power this is most useful for you..