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We are helping minnows and new steemian to grow in steem Now they can place profitable bidding with us.All you need to have is a good written post short but sweet And go to my profile and check more instruction .
Send any amount from 1 to 5 sbd to my account @lays with memo link written like
1 sbd to 5 sbd with post link.
We will help you make your journey with us more profitable and stable
Easy to use and helpful . My plan is to support other minnows who are ingnored due to lack of steem power ,Actually more and big value of your post in sbd will boost your post and rank your article and help you earn more money .
We have many happy customers you can check out our record in transactions list.


I follow you to improve in the steemit space.

Do you guys have a discord channel in which I can chat with you about your service?

Am a minnow trying to come up, thank you for this initiative. I will get involve.

I am following you! Great initiative. Congrats ;)

to be honest I try three different people who say they will upvote my post but no one has done anything

@junubia i can give you upvote bot i sale upvote i have 800k steem power you can put any amount and try it

Please Sir.. Please Follow me and Upvote my post sir.. I followed You and Voted U.

WOW Good opportunity

The idea is quite brilliant, as a small fish I would consider very soon to be in this line, for the profit and progress together definitely

Thank you

Follow, upvote, comments and resteem

Love to see others helping others.

I have been waiting for over 16 hours for upvotes... Can you make this right? Two of the posts are expiring within the next 4 hours. Also, I see it is a long wait before being serviced so I will only send posts that are no more than 3 days old in the future. I sent you the posts as soon as you sent me a message in my wallet.

i am sorry what happen is when you order upvote i sleep that time at night i can understand now i upvoted all ur post and no post is expire

Two you can't upvote because they are under the 12 hour limit. I understand you do it manually. I will send them with more time allotted in the future.

This One: Tx [email protected]

This One: Tx [email protected]

which two links did not got upvote i double check and give you extra upvotes dont worry please mention these post links

It was one. I wonder about the other one you did upvote because it had 8 hours left on it.

i uovoted them about 5 hour ago yes 1 post did not get upvote i am refunding you for it and sorry for the delay you can add me direct chat

Thanks. Friend request sent...

oh i did whats ur fb id actually i have 500 plus pending reqeust give me ur fb link or text me so i can find you

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