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I believe anybody in the crypto-space is already aware of the new buzz in the cryptocurrency world. The sale of EOS Tokens started today. It is the natural inclination of humans to feel exited about an over hyped information . This is true of the EOS token . The question i would like to ask is if its truly worth the money to purchase this supposed TOKENS. I took some time out to examine the purchase agreement on the EOS website to find some answers. Look and behold , what i found is rather SHOCKING!!.

We all know what big Companies do when they are trying to hide some dirty information about a new product they just release. They hide such information in a long , lengthy and tiring Purchase Agreement . They know 99.99% of people who not care to look, hence this companies are able to avoid potential lawsuit when the going gets tough. This is thesame for the EOS Purchase token agreement . Its full of some hidden messages. I have highlited some of them out in the picture below


Based on my observation , i think this is a bait. I advice anybody who is considering purchasing these over hyped token to thread with caution.

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Primarily this is mentioned in the Agreement because this CAN happen but i dont think it will. As a programmer you need the EOS Token to run DAPPS at the Blockchain. But not like Ethereum does. It is not treated like Gas its rather a fix amount that you need.


just my thought, you have a point though . But i think people should be careful with this


Yes you are right. And I think the whole cryptocurrency world is actually designed for money you dont need.

But it is nearly the same for every ICO.