Dashboard - Steemit Live Numbers

in #steemit7 years ago (edited) is a live dashboard where you see all events and transactions ticking up in real-time.

Built with:

Let me know if you have any feedback!


Check out for a live feed of comments and replies in real-time.


Nice. I thought about doing something similar yesterday. Your solution looks great!!

Thanks a lot and another thanks for Piston! You rock. :)

Since the site is hosted on S3 it's kind of hard to do cache invalidation so in case you're only seeing the comments please hard reload the site to get the new version. :) Sorry for the inconvenience!

Nice tool, thouhg apparently it does not work on Internet Explorer 11, works fine on Firefox and Chrome.

On IE11 it stays at:

Listening for comments... Try reloading the page if nothing happens within 30 seconds.

You're right. It seems broken on IE11. I'll look into it. Thanks a lot for reporting! Much appreciated. :)


I think I fixed it. The problem was that steemjs relied on native promises which isn't supported in IE (ping @pharesim in case you weren't aware). It was easily polyfilled using though.

Thanks again for the feedback!

Confirmed, it now works just fine on IE11 as well. Thanks.

What are Pows? Proof-of-works?

Yes, exactly. So it's showing whenever a miner solves a POW.

I like, how you can see stats if you leave it open for let's say 10 min and you can see how active steemit users are.
Good work, @lantto!

Thanks a lot, @good-karma! :)

Well done! Really nice implementation.

Upvoted; hi and thanks, what does each picture of the dashboard reflect? such as Accounts and POW plz explain, this feeds from the steemit website useage per minute by members ? thanks again...

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