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Curie Releases the Ultimate Curation Tool - (Tips & Tricks Inside!)

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Dear Daan, thank you so much for spreading the word.
Months of developing are invested in this tool, and I'm so proud and happy to see so many encouraging comments.
Of course, there are some bugs, and lots of improvements still have to be done, we are receiving huge number of mails with ideas and proposals.
It all started 5 months ago, as a hobby, and that Lookup was nothing like this one. We only stored posts for 24 hours, and had only basic filters. People tried it out, liked it, and started giving their opinions what should be done.
Now, it's not a hobby anymore, we have to handle huge and growing database, and huge and growing number of users. We are getting some serious improvement proposals, that require huge effort. Now, even replying to mail has become serious job.
We have some amazing ideas in front of us, such us collecting all time Steemit content, providing statistics about authors such as graph of their previous payouts, or activity, then ability to exclude/include posts/authors by certain upvoters, which can be useful if you want to exclude authors who are paying for votes, and many more other features.
But, although this all is doable, it requires huge amount of time, and some advanced machines.
Bugs, such as, tool being slow sometimes, or incorrect data for older posts because we can't afford to refresh all of the posts in our database, arise from the fact that we are technically limited, at the moment. We need more powerful machines, need more support.
I believe that this tool should be of huge importance for Steemit, and I hope that some of the important people will notice this, and understand its value, and help us keep it running and improving it. For now, we have only Curie's support, and no outside support, donations or funding of any kind, and Steemlookup is growing at an incredible pace.

Thank you once again for promoting Steemlookup.For any suggestions on how to improve it, feel free to contact us.

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I think you guys have done an amazing job already, the possibilities for this tool are really endless. If there's anything I can do to help you get better servers or anything? I'm sure you can find a way to crowdfund the needed resources. I'm definitely willing to give a donation in the form of STEEM, SBD or even a small delegation.

We've been talking about this tool quite a lot in the Alldutch Discord and many people seem to really like the concept of this.

Really well done!