How Do I Reveal My Active Posting Key to Power Up?

in #steemit5 years ago (edited)

I cannot seem to manually login with my owner key & cannot reset p/w due to error msg (see below). Hi and "PLEAZE HALP!!" - !!ha - ever since the last Steemit "upgrade" - where we see our wallet in a second window, I am unable to power up because the only key that is "revealed" is the private posting key.

Somehow I automatically login to Steemit no problem, but need to view my Active key to power up for this SPUD day. I would greatly appreciate any assist ~ thanks!!

************* UPDATE *************
I am unable to even change my password as this is the error message I get:
Transaction broadcast error.
Update Password
RPCError: missing required owner authority:Missing Owner Authority lanceman DISMISS



Hey @lanceman, have you ever written down or saved the 'private active key' somewhere? That's the one you need to get into your wallet. If you've ever traded STEEM for SBD or ever powered up you have had to have used the active key. If you did then it might be saved in your browser under 'saved passwords' maybe.

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