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Hi!! A celebration here and 'Thank You' to @steemitboard for helping this self-professed; "world's biggest ~crypto-dummie" enjoy and participate on this platform in some small way over the past TWO joyous years!
It's been TEN THOUSAND Upvotes later and I know mine is still worth but a single lonelie .01 pennie but I'm workin' on it and will continue to Upvote you ALL and thank you for your support! (every comment here gets my Upvote - you get an Upvote! And You get an Upvote! And Y.O.U. get an Upvote!!!)

Why is that you may ask?! All who know me know the answer . . . .

  • Because every one of you is
    ♥¸.•°”˜˜”°•.✫ B★E★A★U★T★I★F★U★L ✫!¸.•°”˜˜”°•.♥
    and... I Love Y.O.U. and Everyone In This World !!!

Thank you and now go make a person happy happy happy today !!

~ Always your brother

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That's a lot of up votes @lanceman 👍

Thank you good sir Brother Mike @manorvillemike ! Keep Up tha good work up there on tha Island!

Dear @lanceman

Another small milestone ? :) Congratulations buddy. 10k upvotes is quite an achievement. If only all those upvoted would be worth like 0.1$ each, right? :)

Yours, Piotr

Thank you brother Piotr @crypto.piotr ! You are another shining light that helps encourage me to reach dolphin Steemit status one great day! Keep Up tha great work building a wonderful online community :O)

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