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RE: @samstonehill has been hacked & cannot be re-accessed. How did this happen & what are the solutions?

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So @samstonehilltube, I read through your post and i will resteem of course and I must tell you that i have this gut feeling or intuition that you will find the email address and password you used. Think back at the time you first joined steemit, what else were you doing at the time? I am wishing for a miracle and I will send you a little gift. Hang in there friend, you had a lot of momentum on that account and you have a lot of people that enjoy your quotes and beautiful photos and appreciate you and your family.


You are amazing 🙏🏻 I've just looked in my wallet and wow! Thank you from the bottom of heart not just for this but for all your beautiful words and support over the months.

I believe this will be resolved one way or another. At least now I can afford that hypnotist! Though it is my belief that Steemit Inc will read my emails sent this morning and find some kind of resolution.

Two things have already changed which will help this platform grow stronger.

  1. The wording in the registration process now makes it 100% clear that the email address used to confirm the account needs to be recorded for situations like this.

  2. A bot has been created by @arcange to send wallet messages to anyone who receives a wallet message from a known scammer.

Meaning that in future this won't happen to people as it happened to me.

And the scammers will have to look elsewhere to get their money!

So, all is good :)

Thank you again & massive huge hugs to you from my family & I :)


Kisses to them both Sam, Esteban have grown so much. All will be well sooner i hope.