Steemit to stay or to go

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This is the question...

Probably many of us have.

I look back in my feed to see old accounts, long gone and it seems as if Steemit's heyday may be done and time to move on. There are those accounts still going that people upvote and gain steem, but these are few and far between (most likely on a voting bot).

But is it worth the effort at posting daily... how much are you getting for the time spent on the platform and is it worth it? Also even if you do have a large group of dedicated follower's, is the income still worth the effort?

Now all coins got monkey hammered the past two years but will Steem come back enough to hang in there

  • And more importantly will it be worth the effort compared to time invested elsewhere?
  • Another point is anyone reading the posts, or just skimming at best to make a comment?
  • Is this platform as important as it once was?
  • Will it ever come back,to make it viable again?

I know I'm not alone

I know many people that were or still are here share this same concern and are weighing the pros and cons. I luckily powered down during lucrative periods and invested in better projects (better income return) and have been slowly rebuilding for this next bull market, but is it worth the time.

Or will you be happy when Steem is gone and only Tron remains?

Who will be left laughing

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