This is how steemit could surpass Bitcoin and how Major companies could take advantage of it

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Steemit being based on a specific type of attention economy has everything right now to attract Major brands into the platform. A potential source of incredibly low cost and high quality marketing campaigns.

Of course everyone is entitled to his opinion but here is mine.

Right now exposure on steemit cost money, what I mean here is that you need either a bit of luck to catch the eye of a whale or be a whale yourself and boost what you want people to see on the top of the trending page for the whole day.

Ill try to be brief and avoid going too far but here is the whole IDEA. Companies like


are spending BILLIONS of dollars each year to put forward their products on the advertising scene. Can you believe that a Superbowl ad goes for nearly $4 or $5 million? This is averaging around $100 000 a second for a 30 second ad spot on tv! Yes , alright it's the Superbowl and its on tv but is it really worth it?

Knowing these companies are ready to invest ridiculously large sums of money to make a 30 second appearance on tv, how much would they spend to have what we could potentially call an unlimited source of marketing for life, for basically a fraction of what they spend on a regular marketing campaign.

I'm coming back to my main point, where I say that whales ( steem power) equals exposure. What if these companies were smart enough right now to start buying steem power in order to push their new products into the first pages or even use their steem power to sponsor new athletes via the steemit platform. What if Steemit overtake Reddit ( which will eventually happen) and these major companies have stacked enough steem power to pro-pulse their new launched products to the front page for millions of users to see it on the very first pages of the steemit website.

We are taking in consideration here that steemit becomes a big hit and that these companies that have invested millions so early, into acquiring steem power, see their investment bearing fruit.

All it would take from each of them are a couple millions in investment. Let's keep in mind the advertising market is a multi billion dollar market which is growing year after year. These companies are already spending billions every single year. If they knew about the potential of steemit right now, a possible steempower war would start and we would see the demand of steems increase exponentially due to these major brands fighting over a larger piece of the pie. This is exactly how we would eventually surpass Bitcoin and by a lot!

The example used above with the super bowl isn't really a good comparison to make, It was just to show you how far these companies are ready to go for a few second of exposure. I could have talked about the hundreds of millions spent on google or facebook too but I am pretty sure you see my point here already!

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I hope Steemit doesn't become "a place to go to look at ads". That would make me puke. Maybe if there was a "sub steemit" called "advertisements"... Then they could just post there.

But who the fork would click on that?

We'll see I guess


They don't necessarily have to make them look like ads. It's all about leveraging the steempower, just like whales are doing right now with these known recent new steemians. It could be a news release or a press release in which they pass a message. There are rules on this platform and I'm sure there will be way to fit into them and still be able to pass their message. Aniway the main point is being able to provide exposure on about anything.


Some people have earned over a thousand just for posting a video or a meme. It doesn't really seem to bother the community but of course were not talking about them abusing the system. with Millions on people already commenting on their facebook posts, we can expect these kind of campaign to be successful in here in the future.

interesting concept here I honestly thought you would be going in another direction, but none the less its a good read.


It's all about leveraging the potential marketing power of steemit. Can you imagine a brand owning enough steempower to keep what they want us to see right at the first page every time they have something new. Thank you!