Do you consider the actual trending to be a healthy image for steemit? (sent from my android sorry for the quality)

in steemit •  3 years ago

Let me explain myself quickly.

I have been in steemit 1 month and 80% of the trending posts are steemit related subjects.
Are we advertising steemit as a blogging platform for bloggers to bring in quality diversified content or
are we restraining this community within a small circle of people who are only posting steemit related content?

I am not saying that who ever write about steemit doesn't bring quality content. I am trying to say that most of the attention on this platform is sent toward steemit related subjects as if we are trying to constantly hype the platform within our own community.

I have nothing against rewarding good content, but some whales ( not most of them obviously ) are constantly running after the same kind of steemit related writing thinking this is going to bring in value to the platform ( I can't blame them since they obviously value their holdings) . Since the day I joined steemit I have only noticed the price of steem going down and this could possibly be why.

PS: I like writing stories and I will keep doing so from time to time since it is time consuming and I don't have much time working 7 days a week, but the only way I managed to be rewarded on this platform was by writing about steemit related subjects.

6 out of 8 trending post are steemit related subjects and this has been like this since the first day I have joined steemit.

This is just my own observation, your entitled to your own opinion of course.

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