Big names are joining steemit, It's time to really stack up on your steem power

in steemit •  3 years ago

For the past two days, we have seen a lot of big names joining steemit. The main reason is probably the big payouts they have been witnessing. Are they here for the good reasons? Maybe not but this is not what matters, what really matters is the potential fan base they could bring with them.

Steemit is basically going trough puberty right now, a lot of new changes taking effect mostly related to the quality of the content published on the platform. The war of content has started and everyone is looking for a top spot on the trending page. It will become harder , day by day, to even qualify for a few dollars because this platform is growing exponentially in term of quality and user base.

I hardly qualify my self as a pro writer, I write about anything just to free my mind and share my thoughts but this won't be enough anymore to steal the top spots obviously. Knowing how fast this platform is growing it has become clear to me that steempower is a precious resource and this is why I have decided to basically invest or work hard enough to gain 50 steem power a week for the next 54 weeks. If the userbase keep growing faster then the amount of steems mined everyday, we will witness an explosive growth and what you have in steem power right now could really well be worth 10 times more in only a few months from now.

My advice, Set yourself an investment plan which you need to follow and invest in your steem power as much as you can afford because at this point steemit is going viral and steem power is the only ticket you can buy to ride this train.

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My Steem Power went from 670 to 780 but lost $1500 in value since I purchased it.... I'm not very confident in the Steem investment at the moment. Maybe this is temporary, since Steem crashed after the bubble. But still, not happy with my investment at the moment.


Thats most likely due to the facts that whales are powering down and that newcomersunity are cashing out to see if steemit is truly legit. With userbase growth Will Côme demand growth

Jeff Berwick is an example of how Steem will nextwork quickly. He operates the news letter The Dollar Vigilante. His readers are a loyal, though independent bunch, and they will follow his lead. I'm confident they will investigate Steem and decide for themselves.
And in that group are other . . . Big Names. "and so it goes."

Thanks for the ideas. Appreciate it.


I could always be wrong, but the way things are moving forward it's hard to think that this is not going to explode exponentially

"big names" Like who?


Two big ones on board in the last few days are: @dollarvigilante and @neilstrauss. There are others and more are coming so hang onto your hat!


big names from youtubers to crypto related, did you expect some brad pitt or angelina jolie? I can name you a few but I doubt these are the big names you'll be looking for. The latest interview with dan and ned was made by one of these big names, even if I don't like the guy he is still a known figure in the crypto community. Jeff Berwick.


Don't get your hopes too high, you won't see hollywood kind of big names until steemit goes mainstream

This kind of claims just make steemit look more like a classical crypto tactic to get investors going.


I'm not making any claims if you read carefully I'm saying what I believe will happen. All the elements of a successful growth are in here from extremely active developers to an extremely active community.