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As I look back at what i have shared with you in these last two years. I see lots of things have changed in Steemit and it give me hope for the platform. While i have not directly contacted any of you I have seen and felt your life from the content each of you has shared.

Some have dropped off and others have lessened their contribution. Life outside the platform may have taken over some some have lost hope.

As for me, the choice I make in leaving the platform is a heavy one as I actually really like it. But alas good things must come to an end, especially while I'm ahead. You ask why is he leaving? The simple answer is I have lost me Steemit password and the keys I had carefully stored are my public ones not private ones. Costly lessons, I know ones i made them.

What does this mean? Well I'm not entirely leaving! I am getting a new account and I hope you will follow me ones is setup. It will take time but ready assured it will occur in the not too distant future.

So for now I bid you good night.

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