Launching the first ever 100% provably fair Video Poker, one of the most popular card games, on Steem.

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Fellow Steemians,

First of all, a huge shout out to everyone in the Steem community for their tremendous love and support without which such an accelerated growth would not have been possible for kryptogamers. Around 10 Million Steem has been wagered on our platform till now. Our team is enthused by your love for gaming and thus we are launching the much awaited first ever 100% Provably fair Video Poker on Steem. Check it out!


Launch Video Poker

Now, you can play the three most popular games: Dice, Blackjack & Video Poker under one roof and even earn some GAMER tokens just by playing. As of writing this post, just around 4.7% of the GAMER tokens are left for distribution until the next halving takes place. So if you haven’t yet played anything on our platform, it’s high time for you to try out a game or two.

100% Provable Fairness

Similar to our DICE and BLACKJACK game, we have open sourced our entire algorithm of Video Poker, step by step on our website and anybody can verify any bet ever placed on our platform just by the entering the steemit transaction id using the Verify button placed in the Provably Fair section of the respective games. Alternatively, logged in users can verify their bets just by clicking on the Verify button next to their bets in the My Bets section.

Feature Updates

Apart from Steem Engine, GAMER Tokens are also tradable on, wherein you will also have trading pairs such as BTC, ETH, LTC, USDT and you can trade upto 8th decimal precision in Steem.

Goto Freedomex

Stay Tuned for the next major update as Dividends are coming out this week.


For any questions, feel free to contact us on discord:

Thanks again for all the love.

Stay Happy! Stay Motivated!