Introducing KryptoGamers, a provably fair gaming platform with minimal house-edge (1% for Dice) powered by STEEM Blockchain

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We proudly present to you KryptoGamers, a provably fair and transparent gaming platform with a minimal house-edge (1% for dice) powered by the STEEM Blockchain. Inspired by gambling platforms such as EOSBet, TRONBet and Magicdice, we are here to offer you more exciting games with much more simpler and soothing gaming experience to satisfy the KryptoGamer in you.

The most popular Dice Game is already live on our platform and you can start playing dice without any login through Steemconnect or by installing the Steem Keychain browser extension for a smooth playing experience.


Provable Fairness and Transparency

Using a combination of a client seed chosen by you and a secure server seed randomly generated by us, we make sure that it is impossible for you to play an unfair game on our platform. We disclose the server seed hash at all times before every bet so that you can easily verify the integrity of the rolled number. Moreover, any player can verify the result of any bet just by entering the steemit transaction ID of that bet in the provably Fair section on our website OR in the “My Bets” section after logging in. The final rolled number is generated by the following script:

result_hash = createHmac('SHA256',[client_seed+trx_id.substring(0,10)]).update([server_seed]).digest('hex');
result_number = (parseInt(result_hash.substring(0,10),16)%100) + 1

Betting Limits

Minimum Bet is 0.1 STEEM and Maximum bet is 100 STEEM which may change as per our available funds. We have the least house edge of 1% just so that the odds are stacked more in your favour as compared to other platforms. The winnings will be transferred instantly and should show up within the next 1 minute in your wallet.

Future Plans

We intend to provide the best possible gaming experience to our krypto-gamers. Apart from improving our current game, more features and more games are coming up soon. Meanwhile, play a game of dice and let us know any feature/suggestion or report any bugs/queries in our discord channel:


Responsible Gambling

Gambling should be for entertainment purpose only as uncontrolled gambling may severely affect your finances, relationships and health. We discourage all kinds of gambling addiction and encourage you to set time and money limits. Good Luck!


There is no sports betting here on steemit, may be it would be a good addition.

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Magic Dice has rewarded your post with a 48% upvote. Thanks for playing Magic Dice.

Thank you. This was unexpected.

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Any problem you got there, sir?

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This is cool, but why would people want to switch from magic dice to this one? What's the selling point, the 1% house edge?

1% house edge just means that the odds are relatively more in your favour. No selling point or switching required. Kryptogamers is just a gaming platform for fun. People can play in either of the platforms. Anyways, more games are coming soon. So maybe you will feel more satisfied then.

Is this secure? Do you use steemconnect to authorize transactions? Do you store keys on the website?

In @magicdice 's opening post they explained this in a no nonsense transparent way. By the way I'm not throwing shit at you but a gambling site could come along collect a pile of keys and steal loads of steem from people if the site isn't use secure methods to authorize things or is just a front to collect posting and master keys. I'm not that technology minded but I am a bit paranoid lol

Steem Keychain is a browser extension that does NOT have access to your account keys and so could not share any of your account keys. All the keys are stored locally in your system. So there is no question of storing any account keys as we don't have any access to them in the first place. Our platform uses STEEM blockchain to authorize transactions which is inherently the most secure way for all kinds of authorization.

understood, thanks for the reply

and as other people have said sports betting would be good, if you could provide this without taking massive over round ( spread) [as in at decent odds :) ]

RIght now there are no plans for adding sports betting but we will look into it.

Cool, yeh it's difficult to manage risk for sports betting because it's obviously "not solved" due to asymmetric information whereas casino games probabilities are more predictable/known

Have taken a look and so far just a dice game. Hopefully, there will be new unique games added in future.

Yes. New games are coming soon.

What kind of games?

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you making an SMT too?

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Not right now

Not really my thing but had to give it a go. Played about 8 games all up and thought it was cool. Easy to use with steem keychain. Did i win? no but maybe steem did:)

Thanks for playing micheal and for the "cool" comment.

Signing up now fam!

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You are doing the same as MagicDice or what is the difference? Do you also have your own token?

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This is just the start. You'll see the difference soon enough mate. No tokens right now.

Well magic-dice competition is here :)

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More dice games. Hope you got Blackjack and Poker too.

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Yes. Blackjack will be coming up soon.

Do you already have plans on when blackjack will be released? :)

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What is minimum bet?

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Minimum bet is 0.1 STEEM

I have a question. Are you guys working with FunFair or are you competition for Funfair?

Hi michaeljn. We are not working with FunFair.

ok. was just curious. all the best for your project.

Resteemed and tried to play your game, it takes longer to see the betting results, do you have referral links and rewards for this?
@benedict08 @mermaidvampire @mers @ankarlie check this out!

We suggest you to play with Steem Keychain extension for smooth betting experience along with dice-roll animation. With steemconnect, there is a bit of a lag due to transaction verification system. Referrals and rewards are coming up in the next versions. Thanks for checking it out.

Ok thanks a lot.

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Will there be an update anytime soon? You should mention your steem-engine token and some future plans.

Hi I have bought some tokens on steemengine and staked them what happens with the staking?

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go to login and claim steem once a day

Hey there - if you do profit with this game would you keep it alive for long time? Seems to good to be true if you are an investor ...

Hello... You have issued a Krypto Gamers Token (GAMER). Is there any application yet? What's your aim for using it? Should it substitute STEEM (at your Gamers Platform) one day? Thank you.

Why don’t you post about your updates 😉?

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Are there plans to integrate the tokens? Obviously the easy sink would be to make them currency but you could also use them side bar as a kind of specialty token to reward in-game items/skins/special circumstances.

The 2-minute timeout thing is kinda bullshit.

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