how do I log in without using the keychain!? Maybe I should try on my cell phone!?

That could not be simpler, just deselect “Use keychain extension”:


Thanks I will try it!👍👍👍

how do I go to there!? I can't find this page or anything like it when I go to my wallet!? I go to my wallet from Steemit, is there another way to go to it!?

That's the login screen. It's displayed when you click login in your Wallet:

PS: Obviously you need to logout first.

Karen, simply login and do not use the steem keychain, try using your steemit active key or posting key.
it should work when the system sends you your PDF 2 keys which are private key and posting key. It should work on Chrome.

ok thanks, I will try that!👍👍👍

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