Lebron doesn´t hold back anymore

in #steemit3 years ago

Now that Isaiah Thomas is in Lakers, Lebron told reporters whats his feels against IT.  He is free to speak freely on the situation.  Thomas wasn’t exactly a good fit for them. Some people even said that his trading to Cavs was mistake, but i disagree... at the moment that was pretty good deal for the Irving who demanded the trade.

 “I want Isaiah to get his bounce back, get his spring back get healthy… I just feel like he was playing behind the eight ball, not only on the floor, but just trying to get himself back… I wish the best from him in LA.” 

Lets see how IT can bounce back and play for the Lakers. He is fighting for the contract and i wish him best of luck as Lebron did respectfully. 


Would like to see Thomas do fine, very imressive what he showed at the Celtics!

Just posed my NBA weekly Sunday post, Lebron made it to the list this lime


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