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RE: Steemit Update [ June 21st, 2024 ] : Steemit Engagement Challenge - Applications Invited for Season 19

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Holder of an in-depth research master's degree in computer science, I am interested in programming courses in web development, SQL and Python.

My courses would cover the basics of HTML, CSS, JavaScript and PHP, creating interactive and dynamic websites. In SQL, I would cover the introduction to relational databases, writing and optimizing queries, and the use of MySQL. In Python, courses would include programming basics, object-oriented programming, Pandas and NumPy libraries, development with Django and Flask, and task automation.

Discord: kouba01


I will check it out

Can i Jon you @kouba01?
Having bachelor degree in software engineering with 2 years of experience in Python web framework Django.

Hello Sir I am student of BSIT I wants to learn web development, I have covered HTML and CSS .. I want to join your course..

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