Why do you hate?

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It is true we do not love people the same way, but it is absolutely abnormal to hate any human being. There is simply no justification for hatred.

If you hate someone, for any reason at all, you may be sure it is you, who has issues, not the person you hate.

Moreover, if you check the reason why you hate, you may find out they are based on the superstition of first impression and most times, they are as a result of people's careless talks and gossips.

In a simple language, the reason why you hate that person might not exist at Lloyd, but you build your life on such illusion and life present to you, things you want to see.

It is important to build your life to order, by creating your own judgement of people, based on actual knowledge, and not assumptions and people's careless talks.
First impressions are not even enough.

Many things, good or bad, are not as they seem from afar. You may say everyone cannot be wrong. That too, is a superstition, because most people are mentally lazy and will not find out beyond what they were told, yet present things as if they are true.

An example of this was when it was said that Buhari called Nigerian youths lazy.
Everyone took it up, and songs came out of it, but I listened to the clip and he did not mention the word "lazy" at all.

I could have believed the rumor, and say everyone cannot be wrong, but finding out more, and refusing to build my facts on rumors, I found out that they were not only wrong, they also twisted his statement to support what they wanted to hear.

A lot of people would have hated the president for that, but the fact here is, he did not say it.
It is a shame that this is how many of us live and judge people.

Now ask yourself, why you hate certain people, and if you are sincere with yourself, you will find out it is based on some careless talks, by some filled, who like you did not make their findings.

He is arrogant, find out first!
She's rude, find out first!
She's a flirt, find out first!
All Igbos are thieves, find out first!
All Benin women are witches, find out first!
All Nigerians are criminals, find out first!
All men are the same, find out first!
All the Muslims are terrorists, find out first.

Building your life on these first impressions and hating people for them, limits your productivity, because it create restrictions for you.

Moreover, Infinite Intelligence has taught me that the best way never to fulfill one's potentials is to hate any human being at all.

It cost so much to hate than to love, but there is more gain in love, than hate can ever offer.

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