International Women’s Day and the ladies I’m following on Steemit!

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Hey, Steemit! It’s a balmy 35º here in Minneapolis. I spent the morning snow blowing our most recent accumulation off the sidewalks […in March!], and now I’m at @caffetto for the duration of the evening. Hopefully enough time for a round up of editing, drawing and Magic: The Gathering. I’ve been on the receiving end of some @tarotbyfergus beatings in Modern, but I’m feeling a shift tonight. 

I’m only 200 followers from a 4,000 follower milestone. I’ve been on Steemit for just over two years. Not “…the first”, but at the scale Steemit has grown since it’s launch, I’d say I’m in the earliest 10%. A long time ago, I did a few “Steemit ambassador” posts and I thought this would be an appropriate time for an International Women’s Day edition. The female Steemians that bring art, thought, strength and perspective to my feed.

Prior to ten of my favorite female Steemit users […in no particular order], I want to take a moment to soap box as a male in a predominantly male space. Almost two years ago, I brought friends to Steemit in droves, both men and women alike. The women that joined endured some trolling in almost every occasion […on the internet, no way!]. By the time this post concludes, you’ll see a snapshot of just a small percentile of the value these talented ladies bring to Steemit.

If you, reading this, are a male, it is your job to support and encourage our Steemit sisters to stay, post and prosper…like we do. Over the last year, I’ve noticed less misogyny. Maybe that’s because of an increasingly effective flag system, or maybe I’m just being optimistic, somewhat ignorant to the misogyny that does go on because it’s not directed at me, but I “hope” women feel comfortable being here and that we, as the men of Steemit, are doing our part to ensure that to be true.

@artedellavita has become the subject of great attention within our @caffetto circle, which is impressive considering she isn’t a Minnesotan. She has a gravitational field of influence that’ll pull one of us from our MTG games with a comment like “WHOA! @artedellavita just made a post!”, followed by all of our phones coming out and scrambling to her page. She captures her beauty in selfies, her heart in poetry and we’re all privileged for everything she’s willing to share.

@gringalicous was one of my earliest follows here on Steemit. In fact, I can remember a time when my list of followers was @gringalicous, @thecryptofiend, @mada, @lovejoy, @pfunk and about 10 others. We were both little baby Steemians and her rise throughout the blockchain has truly been inspiring. Currently, a 74 reputation with over 12K followers, and a tireless, prolific artist. Her food posts have become one of the crowning jewels of Steemit and an example for all of us that if you’re passionate, consistent and kind, there is no limit to the heights you can reach here. 

@artwatch has become one of my favorite accounts to follow here. She is a ferocious, liberated, talented artist and writer, completely in touch and in control of her sexuality. She is an example to women joining Steemit that sex isn’t something to be embarrassed or ashamed of. Sexuality can be shared as little or as much as you feel comfortable with and what is shared can be done unapologetically. I love her initiatives to keep smut alive on the blockchain, her participation in art and writing challenges, sponsorship and support of others’ contests. Honestly, I don’t know how she finds the time, talent and inspiration to do it all, but Steemit would be a very boring place without @artwatch!

@flaccidfervor is part of our @caffetto family. I’ve known her for several years and life iterations. What I didn’t know, until recently, is just how much of a brilliant geek she is! Just over a year ago, @tarotbyfergus mentioned that @flaccidfervor was an avid MTG player. Cue several games of getting my ass kicked with her “Evolve” deck. More recently, she introduced me to @ginabot, which has infinitely improved my Steemit experience. Lastly, if I may continue my @flaccidfervor endorsement, she has incredibly eclectic taste in music. Other than the owner of @caffetto, she is easily the most frequented person I approach and ask what song is playing because it’s too obscure for Shazam, but too good to let disappear in to the ether. 

@vermillionfox is my sweetheart! I could do an entire post several times the length of this one about how much she betters and enriches my life. She joined Steemit a few months after me and I encouraged her to use our community to grow her art. Over the last year and a half, I’ve watched her develop in to a sound, unique artist with her own voice. During those nights I crash on the couch and spin through my Steemit feed, @vermillionfox’s work immediately stands out, even without seeing her name of knowing whether or not she’s made a post. Her exponential growth as an artist constantly wants to make me pursue my own goals as an illustrator. She’s also brought her beauty and sensuality to Steemit with photo series like “Musings” and “More I Less”. I’m absolutely biased, but @vermillionfox is one best representations of how impactful and important a woman’s contribution to Steemit can be.

@joleenwillis was brought to my attention courtesy of my brother @customnature. She’d photographed his wedding in Iceland and, as a photographer, I was in awe of her raw talent and voice in the images. She’s been here just a couple months, but I’ve already seen her show up multiple photo contest awards. I always save some voting power for @joleenwillis and you should follow her to bring more art and color in to your Steemit feed.

@carazozula and I go back to my first days in LA. Way back to 2013. We’d become Instagram pals and after years of chatting, we overcame the social network times and met in real life during one of my many west coast trips. She is entirely a full spectrum artist. Someone that can illustrate, animate, do make-up and hair, photography, model and edit her own imagery. I urged @carazozula to join Steemit and after a cryptocurrency crash course at our friend Berrit and @danielkiessler’s, she full committed and has been posting her brilliant work regularly.

@polebird to best honest, I have no personal interest in yoga or pole-dancing. That is what makes @polebird so special. From day one, she has been kind, thoughtful and sincere in her posts and comments. It is through her sheer commitment and investment in our community, I’ve suddenly found a deeper appreciation for art, strength and passion. If Steemit was created to foster positive relationships and engagements with new people and their lifestyles, @polebird is the quintessential Steemian that embodies those values. 

I stumbled across @la-fumettista’s work during her various comic collaborations @drwatson. As I’ve mentioned on several occasions, my dream job is to be a comic book artist. @la-fumettista’s illustration, style and storyteller have become regular inspiration for my own crypto-comic. The art of comic book design is one of my most respected, elusive mediums because it requires so many talents to achieve an effective story or page. I would go out on a limb and say that @la-fumettista is currently the best sequential artist on Steemit […in my humble opinion]. As a comic enthusiast, I am so glad to have her here. 

@eveuncovered is a force of nature. I could gush for pages about her invaluable worth to Steemit. I discovered her shortly after one of her first posts and immediately said “…you are going to be HUGE here!”. She is! Her art, her body and her mind are uniquely “@eveuncovered”. A thoughtful, complex and intoxicating woman who’s commanding presence and creativity have launched her in to the “Who’s Who” of the elite Steemit alumni. In the years to come, @eveuncovered will be known as one of only a few women that lead by example in demonstrating the power of an intelligent, creative and beautiful woman on Steemit. 

Thanks for reading! I post often. Even with the crypto-market is in complete pandemonium [currently]. For more thoughts on life and Steemit, photography, art and comics, follow me here @kommienezuspadt.


This are amazing women buddy and if I look at your selections it seems you love art, because all these women their lives revolves around art which had reflected in their blog.
I Love @artwatch, she's an amazing writer we've had one or two Poetry mash ups.
This is purely celebrating them, good stuff here buddy.

Aww well aren't you covered in sugar :)

You very correct about @artwatch and @vermillionfox...
I follow both of them and they are doing wonderfully well on steemit, always affecting the community positively...
Great artist both of them are and #foxtales by @vermillionfox is a contest you don't wanna miss cus it's just so cool....
When you realize that these are women trying thier best to step out of the box of gender inequality to show the world that what a man can do, a woman can do better cus she'll add emotions, love, and style to it then you just can't help but surport them...
So what are you waiting for?
Click your follow bottom, cus trust me, these strong women deserve more than a follow...

Wow, I'm kind of speechless! I don't know if I have the words to express how happy it made me to read this post, thank you so much! It's so meaningful to see that my artwork can be inspiring to someone. It's also great to see all the wonderful women here on Steemit!

So sweet, those honeyed words of yours. (>©.©)>🍯 Do go on..
Say.. weren't you the one that singlehandedly convinced the entire @caffetto family to get on steemit? So when is International Lars Day gonna be?

I love @gringalicous. Amazing steemian.

In fact, I can remember a time when my list of followers was @gringalicous, @thecryptofiend, @mada, @lovejoy, @pfunk and about 10 others. We were both little baby Steemians and her rise throughout the blockchain has truly been inspiring. Currently, a 74 reputation with over 12K followers, and a tireless, prolific artist.

This means a lot to me. This post is a huge encouragement for me. Thanks

S/O to @pfunk for always keeping it real!!!

Ha ha Thank you for the sexy shout out. Sorry I didn't see this right away. I do appreciate your continued support and am happy @artedellavita has made it into your hearts also. She has the same effect here too.

Wow it's amazing article. Thank you for sharing

I agree, @la-fumettista (Theresa) is the best :) collaborating with her has been an absolute joy. I'll be sure to check out these other steemians as well!

Amazing Idea of the post

AWWWWWWW Darling Lars😭❤️You are too sweet!

I think you were the second or third person I started to follow on Steemit and your work always inspires me!

Aww shucks, Lars! Thank you! You really have been such a great inspiration for me and a driving creative force in my life. Thank you for being the best. xx

Very cool to see Joleen on your list, she is very talented, creative, and a hard worker! I will have to check out the other blogs on the list.

I love @gringalicious and I love, love @polebird who has a such a sweet soul.

I have not met the rest of the ladies you have mentioned here, but I will definitely check them out, so thanks for sharing these beautiful women on steemit.

Thanks for the recommendations! I honestly didn't know most of them, so I will check them out. This month will be six months on Steemit for me, and I still feel like a noob trying to find my niche, my tribe.

AMEN to this post and all the lovely Women Steemians holding down the Blockchain! #internationalWomenSteemiansDay

Oh my, your words humble me. Very, very flattering and kind, thank you so much @kommienezuspadt.

I'm so honored to be included in a group of creative, passionate women! Thank you for your kind words Lars. It's such a strong compliment to be noticed by another photographer. I wasn't expecting this and now I feel all warm and capable haha! Thank you!!!

Dude.. 35 degrees :( .. its 0 here.. wanna give me a few of yours .. care to share? :D

Thanks for the tips, following them now too! ^^

My dear friend....
I literally had to put down the peach I had been eating to send you the biggest cyber hug ever! Wow, so humbled and honored at your mention of me. The admiration is mutual, thank you. Blushing a bit too haha
Blowing you a big ol kiss!
Hugs to you and yours!❤️😘

A most worth list that I will attemp to visit. Thank you. 🐓🐓

You just earned a follow <3 We need more men uplifting women!

I do feel comfortable on Steemit, but I create this comfort partly by following mostly feminist people and/or women. I do feel 'powerless' (quite literally) if I follow a man (although there are women too) who I've been following for weeks and suddenly appears to be a misogynist. (Happened yesterday. Great guy with smart posts, but on women's day he decided to show his true self which I was disappointed about.)

But most of the time this is just a happy place with amazingly talented people and men en women just being supportive of each other - and why wouldn't we? I started here 10 weeks ago and I believe Steemit will grow in such lengths there will be a time where I too can say I was here as the first 10% - heck, even 1%? ;-)

I think the men on here are great, that being said I hang with the Canadian crew so maybe it is a culture thing. I found my best friend via steemit and he is a dude. The good ones can be found here for sure - but your always gonna find a mouth breather or two wherever you go.

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