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Ever got frustrated when you have missed events such as someone followed you, upvoted you, comment on your post, mentioned you or resteem your post on Steemit? Not only you missed the events, you had also missed the great opportunity to interact with fellow Steemians too. Interaction is the heart and soul of Steemit platform.

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To solve the problem, I choose – GINAbot

GINAbot runs on Discord. Based on your configuration, it has the ability to notify you in REAL-TIME when someone:-

  • Mentioned @yourid in any posts or comments
  • Commented on your post
  • Resteemed your post
  • UpVoted your post
  • DownVoted your post
  • And others…….

Want to get notified with GINABot? This is what you need to do..

  1. Download Discord App HERE

  2. Once you are in Discord, press the '+' sign on the left menu.

  3. Click on 'Join a server'

  4. Type in

  5. You will get a Welcome message from GINAbot. Type in '.. reg yourSteemitID '

  6. You will get another Personal Message from GINAbot. You need to transfer any amount of Steem or SBD to @ginabot in order to get yourself verified. (Don't worry, GINAbot will transfer back the same amount to you) Now, copy your memo code.

  7. Go to your page, click on your profile image on the top-right corner, and choose Wallet.

  8. To transfer Steem, click on the arrow beside your Steem value, choose Transfer

  9. Three things you need to enter here:
    To: ginabot
    Amount: any amount (GINAbot will transfer back to you immediately)
    Memo: The Memo code that you copied from Discord

  10. In your Wallet History, you will noticed GINAbot transfered back the Steem back to you.

  11. You will receive a Personal Message from GINAbot telling you that your account has been validated. Click on 'go to your setting' link from GINAbot message.

  12. Here, you can configure notifications that you would like to receive. After configured, go to the bottom of the page and click 'Save' button.

  13. Tada.... Conglatulation! You will get notified from now on!

I hope you find this simple tutorial useful to you. All the best and good luck. :)

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this definitely can solve the notification which currently dont have yet. not sure whether will steemit come out with notifications or not.

Since Steemit still in beta, i believe they will have this feature in future. This platform has so much potentials

This is a very interesting information. Great job with the explanation @kokuryo! Upvoted and followed

Thank you very much @karinzdailygrind!

This is so useful! I really missed out many notifications on steemit before this. Good sharing!

@jiafui yeah it does help me a lot too.. i never missed any notifications anymore.. yahooo

Oh, I've missed out your tutorial. Came too late to upvote :( To make things right, I'll upvote your latest post ;)
Very nice one, tho!
Pictures, detailed step by step instructions! Wow!
Thank you very much! I hope you enjoy the services as much as I've enjoyed reading your tutorial! :D

@neander-squirrel, haha thanks for your upvote. no worries.
Yeah i enjoy GINAbot very much!

Thanks for sharing this post ! gonna be useful