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On my journey of developing SteemPay, I've come up with some interesting ideas regarding offline wallets (which I'll get to in another post) - but while thinking about the design of such a system I remembered an old project that I had begun building for Dash - vending machine software!

Well, I've finished it out, but this time it's focused around the STEEM blockchain!

The idea is that this software would be installed on a raspberry pi or other small and cheap single board computer, with a touchscreen (as seen in the video below). A successful transaction triggers a relay switch that, in turn, triggers the machines existing 'credit' mechanism.

Retrofitting an existing vending machine to accept steem or sbd is now very simple thanks to SteemVend! Theoretically, this could be used for any price-fixed operation. Redbox, slot machine, soda machine, arcade games, etc.

As always, this code is on my github and there is a video preview of it in operation below!

Payment was sent with SteemPay wallet and SteemVend is running on an Odroid single board computer.

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Dude, this is so sick. Can't wait to start paying for more things with Steem :D

this is pretty awesome bro... how difficult would it be to implement this into something like an ATM. pardon my ignorance, but aside from legal issues (im sure there are plenty) what else would be the challenge?


I was just about to ask about that. Beat me to it!


i has the ninja comments!


No real challenge there. In fact, that's in the cards in the future!

Would there be a way to make one that could identify you through an ID system on the blockchain and serve a beer? Legal issues aside...


That's out of my scope, but if there were an ID system on the blockchain, I imagine it could be incorporated! As of now, the bartender would have to check ID before processing the payment. Great line of thinking though!


Awesome project, way to go brotha!

I can't wait for you to make STEEMCHINKO, and let me design the background themes!!!!

Awesome! you always doing cool stuff.