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If you've read previous post "Steem is so much more than a social network", you'll remember that I mention what I believe to be the limitations of other blockchains in regards to mainstream adoption. I also mentioned in that post why I think Steem has solved most (if not all) of these issues.

For those of you who have not yet read that post, here is a quick recap:

The average consumer gets confused by -

  • cryptographic hashes
  • changing values
  • units besides USD
  • confirmation times

Keeping this in mind, I believe the best way to solve this is to create a wallet that removes all extraneous information and gives the average consumer something they can understand.

Here's a project that I've been working on: SteemPay

It is an "SBD only" wallet with a simple UI (inspiration taken from copay UI, though built from scratch). This is still very much a skeleton project, and with that being said:

If you'd like to contribute to the project, or support this project - you can message me on @kodaxx, you can like this post, or even donate :)

This is a pic of the dashboard (transaction details like memo and date/time may be added)

This is a screenshot of the transfer screen - nice and simple

Below is a video so you can see all the transitions, etc.

If this project gets good feedback, I can dedicate a little more time to it. As of now I have several other projects in the works.


If you'd like to contribute to the project, or support this project - you can message me on @kodaxx, you can like this post, or even donate :)


Great idea! its so easy to use.

This seems like an excellent initiative... especially if you can get it integrated with some of the Steemit based commerce initiatives like @steemgigs and @steemshop and @peerhub. One of the things (I believe) that will help Steemit become a more "solid" alt coin is having a viable Steem-based economy... and this could certainly help.

This is the idea! Hopefully this will add something useful to the Steem ecosystem. I've almost got "logging in" completed.

Hope you finish this project soon. Some of us cannot wait to use it. It looks simple enough to understand.

Thank you! There are some things I may still add, but I will leave them for a future release.

This is an excellent project. I upvoted it. Best wishes in accomplishing this feat.

are the amounts shown in USD or SBD?
If USD, You shouldn't forget the more advanced users, I think adding the option to switch between the two is necessary.
when I use any currency I like to know the rates.

The balance shown is your SBD balance

That makes things simple, however I think having a small number showing the USD to SBD rate would be beneficial at times.

I will definitely consider it!

Can I contact u somewhere else than steemit chat?

Yes - you can PM me on, on twitter @kodaxxdev, or on slack coinchatclub

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